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US Patent 6715167

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Patient Transfer Harness
Ergotrans can Save Your Back!

When it comes to moving, lifting or assisting patients
and disabled family members, the Ergotrans is a great invention.
This two-part system, with belt and thigh support combined,
helps assure that the
belt doesn't slide up under the patients arms,
or possibly even have
the patient slide out of the belt onto the floor.
Which is not an uncommon problem with other transfer belts.  

The Ergotrans is no flimsy product...
it is made of strong materials.  
The two-part system makes the transfer both
easier and safer
for all people involved.  
This safer two-part system gives your patient
a greater sense of security.
They can see the strong materials,
nylon strapping and buckles that hold it all together.    

If you start by placing it on from a lying down position,
the thigh handles are perfect for effortless help during rolling.
And from a seated position, those same thigh handles
make all the difference in sliding a patient forward.

We therapist's know that it helps to be able to
"feel" a correct movement
and the thigh handles help for both feeling and doing
the weight-shift stage of the transfer process.  
When combined with a curved transfer board,
it can safely help a patient move over a large gap of space.
Great for transfers from vehicle to wheelchair or scooter,
or wheelchair to shower chair in a bathtub.     

The years of design modification has perfected the Ergotrans
so that it is easy to use,
safe and effective for all patient transfer mobility situations.

It's great for the therapy clinic, the patient room, the car, or the house.

The Ergotrans can save the hard-working muscles and backs of nurses,
therapists, caregivers and family members who use it.  

Sheila C, OTR/L-CHT ~ CA
Patient transfer techniques, wheelchair to car
What's on this page:  The Ergotrans Patient Transfer Harness is an effective way to safely move a patient; using a stand and pivot method with pivot disc, or a curved slide board.
Painless transfer for boarding an airplane flight for the disabled traveler - Ms Wheelchair TX .   Caregiver safety, patient safety, gaits belts, are discussed.
Patient Transfer Harness and techniques,  slide boards,   transfers from wheelchair to car, to shower chair, scooter, or bed.  Patient lifting device, Caregiver lift for an elderly patient.

Transfer On3, Inc. - fka: Decker Design Company
7909 Walerga Rd 112-261, Antelope, CA 95843
Physical Therapist, John wants Caregivers to use Ergotrans

I believe the Ergotrans needs to be used in
every skilled nursing facility in this country.
As a therapist who sees many caregivers as my patient,
I can see that
if the Ergotrans were to be used:
the number of injuries to caregivers
could easily be reduced.

Leverage is the biggest challenge when transferring patients.
Depending on upper body strength, height, and weight,
certain transfers can be tricky if not dangerous.

The Ergotrans allows the clinician to apply force to the right areas
to allow for easy and effortless transfers
while keeping safety uncompromised
for both patient and clinician.
It is a great design.  
- John Harrison, PT CEAS ~ CA

"I used to sustain an injury
every time I was transferred
onto a plane; sprained elbow,
broken collar bone, cracked rib...
The Ergotrans has made traveling
painless for me and I've got
six trips planned for the summer!
This product has changed my life
when it comes to traveling!"
~ Angela W. ~ Ms. Wheelchair TX ~
Move or lift an Elderly or Disabled person, using the Ergotrans Transfer Harness
Hospital testing of the Ergotrans

When the hospital transfer team was given the Ergotrans to try out.
Carlos, a member of our transfer team, used it on patient Harold Smith.

Harold had just had a double amputation at the knees.  
Carlos transferred Harold
setting him into a chair. When Carlos did not return to the floor
to put Harold back into bed,
Harolds 70 year old wife, Diane, used the Ergotrans
to get Harold back into bed.

The staff was amazed that it was so easy for Diane to use.

Upon Harolds release from the hospital, Diane asked me where she could
get an Ergotrans to use at home. I gave her the sample we had used.

She thanked me months later, telling me that
it made the difference
between her caring for Harold at home
and having to put him in a nursing home.
~ Sheila C, OTR/L-CHT ~ CA
Sheila was in charge of administering a test with the transfer team
at the hospital where she worked.
The names were changed in this text.

Nursing Home Incident

The same week that Ergotrans was hospital tested, I heard from Sheila
by phone.  
The hospital had just received a patient from a nursing home.

This elderly woman had been dropped by the attending staff
when they were trying to transfer her using a bed sheet.

She was admitted into the hospital with a broken hip and wrist from the fall.
The attending staff also sustained injuries from being thrown off balance
while trying to keep their patient from falling.

Her response to me was,
"If only they were using your Ergotrans,
this could have been prevented."
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